Why it is worth investing in our access control system


We have been developing GSM and cloud based systems for over 10 years.

We took the opportunity of new technologies and combined cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, keeping an important point in mind that the investment costs should be low and the system needs to be simple to operate. In addition, we wanted to get rid of cables and any disturbances that reduce the security and usability of the system. This solution eliminates many problems.

The Award-winning Access Control solution not only gives your business everything that normal access control able to give and you used to but also offers a wide range of modules that can make your life easier and can be a great tool for your company to be more profitable.


New perspectives in terms of convenience, security, flexibility, integration and controllability

f you are operating traditional locking system with assigned keys, you are only able to control the who-where restrictions, without checking who opened which door and when. Using Access Control Systems you are able to control the who-where-when movements too, and you are also able to check the movements if needed. Furthermore, the access rights can be allowed or restricted remotely using your phone, tablet or computer.

By building a complex access control system, not only the movements of people can be controlled but also the lifts and vehicles. The received data can also be suitable for recording working hours, so they can be transmitted, e.g. towards payroll accounting, which can be the basis for accounting monthly payroll. Cards, tags, bracelets (hereinafter identifiers) with different technologies are used in access control systems instead of keys.